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new border deal
By: Andrew Graham
Mr. Groeneveld, I've never written to an...
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Long Term Pain
By Fiorina Esposito, Calgary

Getting Alberta's House in Order
By Jerry Miller, BSW, RSW, High Level

hey mr rob anderson
By abdulahi mahamud, fort mcmurray

hey mr rob andersson
By abdulahi mahamamud, fort mcmurray

Rent in slave lake
By Kari Field, Smith

Stop the cuts in education!!!
By Jodie Beisal, Rimbey

Budget Cuts to Education
By Lee-Ann Lally, Calgary

cuts to health care and teacher cuts to schools.
By Myrna wright, Pincher Creek

We need $$$ for public services
By Jody Noel, Grande Prairie

Teachers and Education Assistant cutbacks
By Julie Matthews, Lethbridge

By Evelyn Skura, Edmonton

Join Together Alberta
By Gordon Tocher, Hinton

Cut backs to education
By Deb Smith, Burdett

Education cuts short sighted
By Carrie Johnston, Edmonton

Education Jobs and Teachers
By C.M. Knowles, Vegreville

Public Services and Climate Risk
By Jule Asterisk, Slave Lake

Promote Public services
By Suzanne A, Strathmore

2011 Baby Boomers Become Seniors
By Dena Greanya, Hinton

Looking out for loved ones
By Tracy Yaremko, St. Paul

Concerned for the future........
By Lynn Trotz, Lethbridge

Health Premiums (AB Blue Cross)
By Ms Pritchard, Edmonton

Affordable housing, AISH and other public service programs.
By Mary, Jerome, Dolores, Evangeline, Patrick, Sunshine, Lacey, Data Salvani, Calgary, AB

Education Matters
By Rebekah Graham, Calgary

Save Public Health Care
By Tom Filgas, Lethbridge

Public Services Do You Care
By Elaine Durand, Calgary

Public Services
By Elaine Durand, Calgary

Education Cuts
By Tanis Copeman, Medicine Hat

Closing my sons school-HELP!
By Janet Black, Calgary

stop the cuts
By karen lindsay, Edmonton

2010 Budget
By Warren Gschaid, Lethbridge

PDD Budget Causing Family Stress Too
By Valerie McKinney, Calgary

Changes at the Cross Cancer
By Sherry Coffey, Athabasca, Alberta

Public Services in Our Province
By Catherine Jevic, Edmonton

Keep up the good job.
By Anonymous Anonyous, edmonton

Public services
By Carleen Ellis, Edmonton

we like this website!
By Jesse Clark, calgary

By Caroline Maloney, Drumheller

we are fed up
By Aaron Klassen , Brooks

New Alberta Budget
By Stacy-Ann Pothier, Airdrie

Cuts to Education
By John Milford, Calgary

Cuts to education
By Paul Sevigny, Grande Prairie

My vote relies on your actions
By Murray F. , Edmonton

Say No to the cuts!
By Lyndsey Smyth, Edmonton

Please stop cutbacks on public services
By Dmytro Makovey, Athabasca

Cuts to Public Spending
By Joanne Costello, Calgary

Hi Luke
By Jason Heistad, Innsfail

Deadly Public Service Cuts
By Patricia Goertzen, St. Brides

We know how to live
By Dan Quilty, Morinville

up coming budget
By Audrey Martens, Lethbridge,

up coming budget
By Audrey Martens, Lethbridge

What Happened
By Faye Ward, Lethbridge

By Faye Ward, Lethbridge

budget cuts
By Richard merrick, Lethbridge

By F Ward, Lethbridge,

NO NO NO to CUTS on Health Care
By Faye Ward, Lethbridge

Cuts to public services.
By Stuart Schramm, Cowley

Why are facing more cuts
By Harold Machmer, Medicine Hat

Why are facing more cuts
By Harold Machmer, Medicine Hat

Why is the goverment making cuts in the budget,
By Harold Machmer, Medicine Hat

By ROGER DURUPT, Lethbridge

Cutting Public Services
By Valerie Bailey, Camrose

Public Services/Health care
By Jacqueline Anderson, Raymond

Why Cut?
By Abby McFee, Medicine Hat

Budget cuts
By Stephen Ross, Red Deer

Dear Brian
By Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck, Edmonton,

on the upcoming budget
By Don Reid, Medicine Hat

By mary salvani, calgary

Stop the cuts to PDD services
By Patricia Okahashi, Calgary

Cut to public services
By Taryn Chisholm, Calgary

I cannot support cuts to Education!
By Vincella Thompson, Fort McMurray

No More cuts
By kim mcleod, Ardrossan

Cuts to Public Services
By Isabelle Emery, Calgary

Health Care
By Glenn Lerew, SPRUCE GROVE

Why Cuts to Health Care Services NOT to MLA's Instead
By Patricia Anderson, Calgary, AB

Pulic service
By Cathy Harrop, Canmore

Keeping Alberta Strong
By Barb Borkent, Sherwood Park

Public Services
By Brad Jones, Edmonton

Invest in our children and our future
By Samara Jones, Edmonton

Please invest in public services
By William Henry, Edmonton