Read Letter - new border deal

By Andrew Graham
Written Dec. 06, 2011
A letter written to Hon. George Groeneveld, Highwood

Mr. Groeneveld, I've never written to an MLA for any reason in the past, but as a constituent in the Highwood region I have to write having read this article and tell you how much it sickens me and how virulently opposed to this suggestion I am. Please vote against this, although it sounds to me like it's already something set in stone, this is only going to limit peoples freedom of travel, a fundamental human right that is being impinged upon more and more as time goes by. Couldn't a BILLION dollars be better used supporting children in need both here in Canada and abroad? It is 33 dollars per Canadian person being spent here, for what? Collecting DATA? Really? How can that even cost a billion dollars? There are children around the world without enough to eat. Immigrants not staying long enough in our country and possibly abusing our system is one thing, but wasting a billion dollars to impede and impinge upon the basic human rights we have so steadly seen in decline over the past decade is an offence against the entire human race. We need a politician who can shake off the blinders and step up, a leader who can hear the peoples dissatisfaction. There is a revolution coming, people will not be divided any longer nor will they accept pat answers and ultimatums. Billions are spent on war and too little on the needs of those less fortunate, and on children, our only hope for a future, and they are neglected in favour of increased security, G20 summits (another billion dollars there, and for what? I don't think anything was even agreed upon. And even if it was, it could have been done over skype! For NOTHING.) I for one am sick and tired of the HUGE excesses in government spending on completely unnecessary wastes while so many in our world are in need. Enough is Enough. No more segregation, no more fear mongering, no more unveiled greed and deception and waste within government, no more controls and regulations, I'm begging you sir, as a human being, look into your heart and ask yourself if that billion dollars couldn't go to a better use. If you don't find an answer there, go work as I do, in Ecuador, Guatemala and El Salvador, where people no different than you and I watch the light in their childrens eyes go out, because we have nothing but fear for sale in our governments and our media, and no love to give. Sincerely and in a spirit of hope, Andrew Graham