Who we are

Join Together Alberta is a campaign initiated and implemented by a coalition of groups that are jointly advocating for proper funding for vital public services in Alberta. Members of the JTA coalition include labour organizations, student and senior organizations and a wide range of groups representing other grassroots and community concerns.

All of the participating organizations share deep concerns about the impacts that cuts to public services will have on individuals, families and communities within Alberta.

They also share a belief that best way forward for Alberta is to embrace a high-road approach to our future — one that focuses on smart investments in people, communities and the economy — as opposed to a low-road approach —one that focuses on cutting spending and leaving individuals, families and communities to increasingly fend for themselves.

Supporting Organizations

  • Alberta College of Social Workers – ACSW serves as the regulatory body for the profession of social work in Alberta
  • Alberta Federation of Labour – AFL is made up of 27 private and public sector unions representing nearly 137,000 workers from across Alberta
  • Alberta Student Executive Council  ASEC unites over 120,000 students from 12 post-secondary institutions across Alberta
  • Alberta Teachers’ Association – ATA represents the 35,000 teachers in Alberta
  • Alberta Union of Provincial Employees AUPE represents over 70,000 public sector employees in Alberta
  • Council of Alberta University Students CAUS represents the interests of over 70,000 Alberta university students across Alberta
  • Friends of Medicare FOM is a provincial coalition of individuals, service organizations, social justice groups, unions, associations, churches and other organizations whose goal is to raise public awareness on concerns related to Medicare in Alberta and Canada.
  • Health Sciences Association of Alberta – HSAA represents over 18,000 health professional and allied groups
  • Public Interest Alberta – PIA is a provincial non-partisan organization that works with many organizations and individuals to advocate for better public services
  • United Nurses of Alberta – UNA represents over 25,000 nurses in Alberta
  • Amnesty International Lethbridge
  • Alberta Colleges _ Technical Institutes Faculties Association – ACIFA represents 7,500 members across 15 faculty associations at publicly funded PSE institutions
  • CARP Edmonton CARP advocates for social change to support active and purposeful lives for all Canadians as they age

Join us

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