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Dream On Parents!! If you think that reduced funding for special needs students won't affect you because your child does not have special needs, think about this. Could your child focus with the constant disruption of someone with behavior disorders or tourettes sitting next to your child all day? Yes, there are opportunities for inclusion of special needs children but when does the needs of the "average learner" become a priority? Inclusion is supposed to make the special needs student feel a sense of belongings, but are they really benefitting when they have to be constantly singled out for assistance, and everyday see what everyone else can do, but they cannot. As a parent of an "average learner" who had difficulty focusing in a disruptive environment I feel that his learning was negatively affected. Our children only have one opportunity to achieve at each grade, lets try and make it positive, and have the teachers and support staff there to make it happen. We need to fund special needs and individual programs of learning so that everyone has an opportunity to learn in our province.

I am a fiftysix year old man with M.S.the CCSVI procedure works and well however I am spending the remnants of my RRSP to get it done again as the great results were temporary.Why can't the government see that my circumstance is not unique to me but to all people with M.S. and allso relates to our handling of our "Rainy day fund". If I and thousands of others, are willing to leave Canada to get this procedure to improve our quality of life,then why play the waiting game with our health? Time is so critical with thuis disease!

bad time for a strike or pay raises but we must support unions as what else is there ? our leaders to take care of things ?....doubt it !

seems odd that government pensions and holiday pay and fair remuneration and buy outs always continue and mostly improve . but ..the old and the less ablr to defend themselves are victimized !@
seems cpwardly and greedy and EVIL AS MOST RELIGIONS WOULD SEE IT .

So many people have no home due to not being able to get a job beacuse of disabilaties or beacuse it costs alot of money to hire somone to help them. I am a grade 6 student and the disabilate kids in my school will not get speacil tyreatment in high school if they have disabilites. so stelmach should raise taxes to support these kids and adults with didabilites.

I work in a group home, and contrary to popular belief staff do not sit around with individual's drinking beverages all shift. We work very hard at our job's, and do not always get respect, or a fair wage for all our effort's. Our individual's as much as we love them are not always smiling and happy. They can be tough on staff. They yell at us, hit us, throw things at us, and refuse to co-operate with us. Still staff come back everyday to work with them, because we know their action's are a result of their disabilities. We care a great deal about our individual's, but our wages are very unfair for the service we provide. We are worked very hard, continously made to take course's, and very stressed by our job's. We are always understaffed. Very few people are willing to do what we do because they have no trouble finding job's with no stress. We deserve better pay for what we do!!!

Please help me, my family, and friends!

3 out of 5 adults have disabilities in my family. i have attention deficit disorder, nonverbal learning disability, and cerebral palsy. my dad is legally blind and hard of hearing. my grandma has severe dementia.

all of us need the government's help to survive. i currently don't qualify for direct PDD services even though i got a developmental delay because i am not "mentally retarded" enough according to the PDD staff. yet i do recieve some services from PDD to help me deal with my high frustration level, and lack of social skills. i receive counseling and other supports from an agency that is funded by PDD.

my grandma lives in a nursing home funded by the government. she only earns $17000/ year, $13000 goes towards her nursing home fees.

my dad is working full time trying to take care of me, my grandma, and the rest of my family. if my grandma, my dad, and me don't get the help we need from the government the following may start to happen.

my grandma may get kicked out of her nursing home because they can't take care of people who have low incomes. - i may end up dead because i get so frustrated that i smack my head when i lose control. counseling helps me release my frustration in a safe way. also through the other programs i am in that are funded by PDD

i have made friends who are my allies, and inspiration. if the program that we go to disappears i may not be able to make friends. i don't make friends easily so when i actually do end up having friends i cherish them. i like being able to see them every week in program.

my dad needs tools to read, and write, to see and to hear. he is not a rich man. if services are cut he may not be able to get those tools. he may end up losing his independence. that worries me and him along with the rest of my family a lot.

please don't cut $ from our services. we need them to help us live a better quality of life in alberta.

PDD cuts to services
As an employee in this field - supporting Adults with Developmental Disabilities for over 20 years, I have grave concerns for the quality and quantity of support available.

These cuts hinder what we have been hanging on to. Wages, beneifits and training took a hard hit over the past three years - affects hiring and retention of employees. Now the promised 5% increase that turned into a 2% bonus that no one has yet recieved is frustrated by a province wide demand to returned dollars or reduced contracts to agencies and families provided support.

We already have trimmed services to the bone and have little incentive to keep workers. In addition the people coming out of AB hospital will have no where to go (last I heard about 40% of folks designated for community support fall under PDD mandate as well). Families are already maxed, quality of workers in jeopary, more people needing services on the horizon AND little or no insight from government funders.

What will become of these people? What about those that don't have families to pick up some weekend support? Will thy neighbor help more?

Are we moving backwards to a more expensive and less rewarding style of support like institutional care?

What would you want if your child or grandchild had a disability that required some form of life long support? Would you be okay with this treatment by PDD or the Alberta Government?

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