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The Our Alberta Declaration:

Alberta is a place of limitless possibilities. We have abundant and valuable natural resources. We have some of the best infrastructure in North America. And we have a young, well-educated, hard-working and creative population.

Albertans can afford to dream big. We can aspire to be more than we are and more than we have been.

Unfortunately, our current provincial government doesn’t seem to understand the scope of our province’s potential. Nowhere is this lack of vision or imagination more evident than in the approach that has been taken to the funding of Alberta’s vital public services: including our schools, our post-secondary institutions, our social and disability services and our health care system.

Despite unparalleled economic growth – and the prospect of even more to come – the Alberta government is trying to convince Albertans that we cannot afford to continue funding what we have, let alone build better services for the future.

Over the past several months, for example, despite Alberta’s thriving economy, lay-off notices have been issued to staff in many school divisions, with many more likely to come. Universities, colleges and technical schools have also been forced to make deep cuts – even as our provincial population and economy continue to grow.

We, the undersigned, are individual Albertans and representatives of Alberta organizations who do not accept the argument that Alberta can no longer afford high-quality public services.

We believe that our provincial government can – and, indeed, must – do better in terms of using our province’s vast resources to lay the foundations for a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable future.

We believe that our public services – everything from education and health care to municipal and social services – are part of the fabric of our communities and provide a vital foundation for our economy.

We believe there is no good reason for our government to be contemplating cuts, freezes and rollbacks to any of these vital public services at a time of obvious prosperity.

If there is a problem in Alberta – and we think there is – it is not a problem of over-spending on public services, but rather a problem caused by years of ill-conceived tax and royalty cuts. These cuts have left the province with an inadequate and unreliable revenue base.

Together, we call on the provincial government to stop preaching austerity when it is clearly unwarranted. Further, we call on the government to recognize the fundamental role that public services play in the lives of individuals, families and the broader economy. And, finally, we call on the government to fix the real problem: Alberta’s broken system for revenue generation.

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