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Check out this great video from the Richest Place on Earth project.


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What the Richest Place on Earth project is saying:

We all know that Albertan's are fortunate. But just how fortunate are we? You may be surprised to learn that we live on the most valuable land in the entire world.

So valuable, in fact, that at $80 a barrel, Alberta's proven oil and natural gas reserves are worth more than 14 trillion dollars!

You may have a hard time wrapping your head around this number, we certainly did.

Is the Alberta government managing our wealth wisely? Please check out our video and report, called The Richest Place on Earth. Then share it with your friends, family, neighbours and community.

About the project:

The Richest Place on Earth began as a research project initiated by Kevin Taft, MLA for Edmonton Riverview. As the Official Opposition’s Health and Wellness critic, he found himself wondering if the government was spending as much money on health care as they claimed. If costs were ‘skyrocketing’, as Premier Stelmach insisted, then where was all the money going?

Kevin enlisted the help of Professor Mel McMillan, a well-known economist, and Junaid Jahangir, PhD candidate from the University of Alberta. They began exploring the pattern of resources and spending by the Alberta government over the last twenty years.

As you can see from the results of the report, the government isn’t spending more money per capita (after adjusting for inflation). In some areas, they are spending much less.

Albertans are clearly being mislead by their government. They are the rightful owners of a staggering amount of wealth, and our provincial government is mismanaging this incredible opportunity.

(This text is taken from the website)

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