Parkland Institute Fact Sheets

The Parkland Institute has produced fact sheets on the real issues with revenue and funding in Alberta.

They have also produced a report, Fixing What’s Broken: Fair and sustainable solutions to Alberta’s revenue problems, available on the Parkland Institute website.

Fact Sheet - Room to Move: Alberta’s taxes are too low (PDF)

“If Alberta had a tax system comparable to any other province, we would have at least $11 billion more revenue for schools, health care and services.”

Fact Sheet - The Lion's Share: Corporate profits and taxes in Alberta (PDF)

"Alberta’s economy has seen tremendous economic growth, but the lion’s share of that growth has been benefiting private corporations. Corporate profits more than doubled their share of the economy from 1989 to 2008, rising from 9.6% to 22.6%. Relatively little of the meteoric rise in profits was captured by corporate taxes as can be seen in Figure 1."

Graph showing growth in corporate proftis despite lack of comparable growth in corporate tax

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